Mech Angel
Within the Mechanism. A quiet place inside the mind of Moriah Geer-Hardwick
[ it is interesting that you are here.]


Occasionally, I draw robots and turn them into a game. This is currently happening.

My name is Moriah Geer-Hardwick, but I may change it to Moriarty. Professor Moriarty.

I am compulsively creative, which is annoying.

One time I went to college for four years to meet girls. I received a bachelor's degree in English and married a girl named Jenny. Nice.

When I am not drawing I professionally scare children. This is true.

I once fought a bear with a spoon. This is not true, but it makes me wonder what a bear would be doing with a spoon.

Apparently, my rap career is going nowhere.

If you would like to discuss these things further, email me:


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